Fallon Lev
Presenting Speaker Artist

Fallon Lev

Fallon Lev has been teaching yoga for the past 15 years in San Diego, California. Fallon is passionate about creating an inclusive and empowering experience for her students to better get to know themselves and to really prioritize the relationship they have with their body and breath. After surviving a life changing accident, Fallon has an even greater appreciation for the human body, the incredible practice of yoga and the power of community. She naturally embodies self love, grace and kindness in her way of being in the world.

Masterclass: Flirtatious Flow to Feel the Feels

Fallon is well known for her vibey playlists and loving touch. Her flows are like a dance, allowing you to truly tune into your body’s wisdom and the intuitive voice of your breath. She will guide you in a way that you feel completely held, while you mindfully get lost in the freedom of self expression. You will laugh, cry and melt in all the right ways. Expect to have your heart cracked wide open.


Drishti Talk:

An open hearted conversation on healing through the power of mindset, self love and community. 

Two years ago, Fallon Lev was left on the side of the road with a broken pelvis, smile and heart after being hit by a car while driving her Vespa. She will describe this experience as wildly humbling and intoxicatingly beautiful. After two surgeries, and plenty of metal to help secure her pelvis back in place, Fallon navigated her road to recovery with pure grace, presence and positivity.

The healing journey itself really initiated Fallon to lean into her identity as a strong and healthy yoga teacher. She has been known to say that having the support from her yoga community was a really huge part of what helped her navigate such a traumatic life event with unconditional love and positivity. Fallon is a huge advocate for sharing your story and believes vulnerability is the gateway to true connection and a sense of belonging in the world. She will share with you her fears, her heart’s openness, and the immense amount of gratitude that she has for the experience in its entirety.